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About Us

Learn more about the people who made Joseph's Kitchen happen. Come grow with us and find out how you easy you can make your very own Homemade Bread.

Why Joseph’s Kitchen?

In the Bible, the Pharaoh had two dreams. He saw 7 fat cows and 7 lean cows and awoke. Then had a second dream in which he saw 7 fat ears of corn and then 7 lean ears of corn. Joseph interpreted the two dreams as one saying there will be 7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of famine. The Pharaoh stored up WHEAT and for the seven years of famine WHEAT fed the world.

Joseph’s Kitchen is adhering to the word of the Lord so we can help prepare the world with the tools in order to make bread and share with family, friends and loved ones.

How we got started

We received a video of a lady describing the benefits of eating whole-grain bread. We were impressed to ordered a wheat grinder and made our first two loaves of bread, the bread was amazing. So we were hooked. After learning the health benefits we quickly discovered this is a must have in our house. Soon after, our bodies were craving this bread.

With the thought of making a weekly loaf, we soon discovered we’ll need a bread machine to do most of the work. After testing many machines and recipes, we found the art form making bread. This was the beginning of Joseph’s Kitchen.

Leslie Riccitelli

Leslie Riccitelli is the CEO Owner for Joseph’s Kitchen and also a Mortgage Loan Originator for AmeriDream Mortgage for all residential home loans. Leslie is very active in her church as the Praise & Worship Leader and loves spending every waking moment with her Husband and 3 beautiful kids.

Stan Johnson

Stan Johnson is the Master Bread Maker for Joseph's Kitchen and the founder of the Prophecy Club. He has been teaching Bible prophecy for over 30 years and organized thousands of meetings on prophecy. He has hosted about 160 speakers making over 300 recordings all on prophecy.

Dwight Moore

Dwight Moore is the Managing Director who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in business development and strategic operations. He is a proud father of four and is a husband who has a heart for God with a pursuit for adventure.

Chris Riccitelli

Chris Riccitelli is the President for Joseph's Kitchen bringing a vast knowledge from customer service, vendor management to operations and functionality. Yes, he is the Owners Husband and gives glory to God for having the opportunity to spend every day with family.