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THESE ARE GREAT FOR in-house use and easy to refill.

ARK First Aid Kit

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Made in the USA! 

The ARK, or Advanced Rip-Away Kit, was developed by the professionals at Refuge Medical with significant input from Twitch, a former LEO who has rendered aid more than 30 times in the line of duty. ARK comes with HEADREST attachment 

Containing considerably more components than a “standard” IFAK, the ARK can treat 1-2 major casualties in both the self-aid and buddy-aid roles in a TCCC/TECC setting.

Designed to work traumatic injuries, the ARK addresses traumatic bleeding, airway & respiratory issues, and head injuries that may arise during a critical event.

The innovative design of the ARK allows it to be equally at home on the headrest of a vehicle or secured to your plate carrier, load-bearing vest, or war belt. Being a rip-away kit, the ARK is secured with high-quality hook-and-loop to the mounting platform (included) and features adjustable deployment tension. The contents can be deployed while the ARK is still mounted by depressing the Fastech buckle and unfolding the kit to allow the operator hands-free access while treating a casualty; or the kit can be removed from the mounting platform and placed adjacent to the casualty while rendering aid. This design offers the highest flexibility in casualty care of any kit produced by Refuge Medical to date.

Stocked with the best components available from industry leaders like North American Rescue, TacMed Solutions, Medline, and more, it’s not possible to purchase a better pre-made kit. We’ve handled that problem for you, based upon our professional experience and over 50+ lives saved to date with Refuge Medical equipment.

As always, the ARK is hand-made right here in the USA and is guaranteed FOREVER. If you break it, we’ll send you another one, no questions asked. And, if you use any of our kits to save a life, we will replace all of your spent components at NO COST to you. That’s our guarantee, and it’s the best in the industry.

*Now Offering the Dangler Attachment for the ARK. To increase the modular ability and allow it to now be used in more applications, The Dangler is a welcomed addition to The ARK. Allowing the ARK to drop down from any hook and loop application, this pairs great with Duty Vests, Plate Carriers, and Chest Rigs. Giving you increased space on your belt line and torso, while still keeping your IFAK easily accessible and quickly deployable. We recommend grabbing one for every ARK!


*Colors & trim may vary due to supply chain*