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THESE ARE GREAT FOR in-house use and easy to refill.

WonderMill GrainMill

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The biggest obstacle to making wheat bread is breaking the wheat berries into flour–not easy. Manual mills are extremely exhausting and just as expensive as electric. Our electrical mills grind flour for one loaf about 2 lbs. in 30 seconds making fresh wheat flour easy. You MUST have a mill! A MUST!

Making your own bread from wheat berries as they call them has one weakness. How do I grind the wheat berries into flour? Manual grinders are two prices and 5 times the work. In research we find them to be a waste of time and money and don’t do the job! Forget them. The electric grinding mills we offer take about 30 seconds to turn wheat berries into wonderful flour! This is the way to go. As long as you have electricity for 30 seconds, you got it.